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Our Day Program Services takes a unique approach to providing vocational options and skill building activities to adults living with an intellectual disability. This program's main objective is the development of skills that are conducive to community living. Our team works diligently with individuals to create weekly plans that link directly to each individual's comprehensive support plans. Plans vary by individual, but may include paid employment, a Fairfax (Inc.) hosted bingo game, arts and crafts, bowling, swimming, shopping, going to the bank, accessing community resources, attending community events or just catching a good movie. The day is spent in the community or at our day site, getting involved, living an inclusive life, all the while developing essential living skills.

24 Hour Shift-Staffed Homes

Fairfax Community Inc. provides person-centered, multidisciplinary support services to Manitobans living with intellectual disabilities.
The basic tenets of our support philosophy requires that we see people holistically as individuals with unique needs. Simply translated, this means that no two support plans are the same. To effectively support this philosophy we have developed two programs that aid us in not only delivering our services, but are conducive to the success of each individual exclusively. Each of the individuals that we provide services to play an integral role in the development of their unique and specialized support plan. These plans may include an assessment of the individual's emotional, sociological, psychological and medical needs, as well as behavioural support needs. Once the initial review has been completed an individual plan with support goals are created, appropriate supports are determined, a team of Direct Support Professionals is formed and a specialized living situation is developed. A more detailed description of our programs are provided below. 

Day Program Services

Fairfax Community Inc. Residential Program was designed specifically to accommodate individuals who require 24 hour support. Our homes are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provide unique, tailored services to the individuals we support.  We take pride in the environments we develop and our homes play an important role. That being said, our homes are selected based on several factors such as the community, square footage, safety, security, layout, accessibility and support goals; just to name a few. By considering these factors we are able to enhance an individual's quality of life, which creates a truly holistic environment that compliments our person-centered approach. We've provided some pictures of our homes below so you can see the pride we take in community inclusion.