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Community Connection

Fairfax Community Inc. mission is to provide helpful services to adults living with an intellectual disability, however, we are far from ignorant or narrow minded when it comes to our global responsibility and commitment to giving back to our community. To that end, the Fairfax (Inc.) team, will plan, coordinate and execute several community based activities and events that will benefit our valued supporters, community members and other charities in the city. We do this  because we truly believe that by combining our efforts, a community of passionate people and organizations, we can achieve amazing things. Provided below are some examples of our community connection plans for 2016 and onward:

  1. Community clean up
  2. Participate in a charity run or walk
  3. Collect and donate clothing to local shelters
  4. Collect toys to donate to local charities
  5. Blood drives
  6. Collect and donate to local food banks
  7. Volunteer at local homeless shelters