About Us

Fairfax Community Resources Inc.'s vision is to build feelings of self-worth andself-acceptance in the individuals we support. We achieve this by creating opportunities for them to make essential life choices in a safe environment through implementing specialized person-centered approaches.

1. To be recognized as an authority in providing innovative services, guided by industry best practices.

2. To achieve cultural and organizational synergy by implementing cutting edge employee relations and educational strategies.

3. To become a leader in the industry by continually exploring and implementing ground breaking initiatives.

Our Vision

Fairfax Community Inc. is a non-profit organization that began back in September 2009, with the mission to improve the lives of people with intellectual disabilities who are challenged to find services to meet their needs.
Since its inception, Fairfax (Inc.) has quickly grown in providing residential and day program services for adults in over 30 specialized living situations and 2 day program sites in and bordering Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our focus has and will always be on providing person-centered supports for individuals challenged to find services to meet their needs. This aim is aided by our industry leading employee training programs as well as the adaptation of professionally developed support approaches. 

The main philosophical tenet of Fairfax Community Inc. is interdependence. Our belief is that this will allow the people we serve to develop essential skills for daily living, live inclusive lives, achieve personal goals and develop natural relationships as they emerge into their rightful place within the community.

Our Objectives

“Not every day is going to offer us a chance to save someone’s life, but every day offers us an opportunity to affect one.”  Mark Bezos